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Soft Wave

Released 1/89

...SOFT WAVE is a good name for this is well produced with a layered synthesizer orchestration.
Victory Review, 9/89

...When (Cooper) and his band jammed, the audience really got into the act...Cooper's finest trait as a performer may just be his intense concern to involve his audience.
Music Connection, 8/89

...SOFT WAVE, a tantalizing and sophisticated recording for the urban New Age listener...full of vivid imagery.
New Frontier, 3/89

...SOFT WAVE features six heart-touching compositions capable of making significant waves in the domains of contemporary jazz and instrumental New Age music.
East Coast Rocker Harmonies, 1/89

...Cooper makes a grand impression as a serious musician and a sensitive, talented composer.
Allare, 1/89

...Cooper's compositions are intriguing, reflecting his love for his adopted California home, as well as for the Pacific Ocean, which has been a major source of his inspiration.
Music Connection, 1/89